How to design your home for the holidays

Once again keep in mind the world of fashion, the art of accessory and layering! My leather sofa and chairs feel cold in these winter months. Instead of slipcovers, I layered large sheep skins on the furniture with plush throws and deep chocolate sable-like oversized pillows! Even layered my hardwood floor with my outdoor area rug instead of storing it away for the winter!

This is another one of my favorite things in design. “Re-purposing” items in my home! I’ve been known to bring the bird bath indoors, filling it with live moss and a beautiful floral arrangement during the cold winter months! Once the candles are lit, the lights dimmed low, crackling fire, and the fresh smell of nature indoors, my senses are revived and awakened!

Now for the table! This is where we’ll break bread together, drink, be merry, and the conversation is lively! Since my dining area and table is much to small to accommodate a crowd, I’ve moved it to our living room with the fireplace at one end and the TV at the other for music.(On mute if it’s a football game!) I simply put a larger round piece of wood over my existing round glass tabletop, pull up chairs and benches and begin setting my table for the holidays!
I like the idea of bringing together fine pieces with more rustic elements to create a high/low contrast design mix. Think of a sequined sweater with jeans!

As Frank Lloyd Wright once said “Look to nature, it will never fail you!” This year I’m going to branch out from a conventional tablescape and hang an extra long tree limb from my ceiling using ceiling hooks and twine! Tie on a few pieces of sparkle or ornaments for good measure. Now where’s that can of metallic spray paint?!
While out and about in nature, or the grocery store, I’ll collect fresh herbs, bundle them up into bouquets with the left over twine and tie them to the chairs. Once they’re dry, my guests can use the herbs in their cooking! The nice thing is these can be made up ahead of time and refrigerated!

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