How a “Faux Painting” technique can help beautify your home on a tight budget

It’s a well known fact that paint is the most economical approach to not only improve the look of practically every surface in our homes but also lifts our spirits and impacts our mood!  But what if you desire to use more costly materials like marble for your fireplace surround or dream of  wood doors that serve as a warm, inviting, and visually pleasing entryway into each room of your home!  You might soon realize it’s not in the budget since an interior wood door could cost $300-$500 each!  Faux painting is the answer to creating the look you desire while respecting the budget!

Faux is the french word meaning “false”.  This paint technique that is literally thousands of years old, can replicate materials and finishes on walls, ceilings, floors, doors, furniture, even fabrics when applied by a trained and professional faux painter!  And instead of having the hassle of removing wallpaper,  the faux painted wall is easily painted over!

Seeing is believing sometimes!  Trompe l’ oeil means “trick the eye” in french!  Other faux paint techniques are marbelizing, graining, venetian plaster, color wash, strie “stripe/streak”, and rag painting.

I work with many qualified individuals of various trade and am eager to share their talents with you!  Our goal being the same as yours, to create an experience in your home!  Please email for my resource contact information.

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